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Imagine your work world the way you wish it could be?

Well we can make it happen!

Reach employees everywhere they goTrack vehicles, equipment or trailers……using MOTOROLA Digital radios.

Spectrum is VERY excited to service the north with our new TALKPLUS network.  When communication is essential and safety and productivity is imperative, our customers can count on our MOTOROLA Digital radios to deliver the dependability they need.

With our system our customers will not only be using the latest MOTOROLA two-way digital radios on the market but they will have remarkable tower coverage,  access to private talk groups and have INSTANT  communications amongst their entire fleet.

With our TALK PLUS  service you can connect  your team, track your equipment or any asset.

  • INSTANT, Secure communications on your own private channel.
  • GPS – Increase work productivity and dispatch capabilities by managing your fleet on your own monitor.
  • VISUAL Activity indication our Talk plus network – see where your assets are at all times.
  • UNLIMITED TALK TIME with your team, no unexpected cellular bills, talk as much as you want, when you want as a TEAM
  • TEXT MESSAGE CAPABILITIES -send messages to individual users via our network.


When you sign up on our rental program we will ensure you that we will upgrade your equipment every three years with the latest models available. Maintenance of your radio is included in this price plan.


We have interfaced our MOTOTRBO RADIOS with the latest SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY available our software designers. Our TALKPLUS software will give you the benefit of remotely monitoring your fleet 24/7.  If you take advantage of our all our program features you will be guaranteed to find cost saving solutions for your company.

  • SIMPLE, INTERACTIVE & EASY TO VIEW – Our solution is web-based so you can monitor your fleet from your computer, tablet or smart phone. It is simple, interactive with a variety of mapping options.  It will  meet the demands of both the basic and advanced users all in one program.  We have a built in help menus to guide you as work through the variety of program features.
  • VEHICLE REAL TIME ACTIVITY – See how your fleet is being used, know the location of your vehicles and equipment, monitor deliveries, play back events,  see fuel consumption and  enhance your dispatching capabilities.
  • CUSTOMIZE REPORTS – Generate reports on vehicle mileage, set up automatic alerts for speeding,harsh driving, idling, geo-fencing, sensors and more. There is a complete array of reporting features and these can be generated manually or emails can be sent out daily, weekly or monthly.
  • COST EFFECTIVE SOLUTION– Our TALKPLUS program is ideal for small, medium and large fleets. Our TALKPLUS program is designed to help you save money by working to manage your fleet so efficiently that the per unit cost will actually pay you dividends in return with the  many cost saving factors built into the program to help you manage your fleet.

Whether you would like to communicate in your central city or your service team deployed in the field commuting from one central Northern city to the next, we can tailor packages to meet your fleet requirements. We have service in the Sudbury, Timmins, North Bay, Sault Ste. Marie, Cochrane, Kapkasing and surrounding areas.  We have plans to roll out and grow our coverage up Hwy 144 and along the Hwy 17 corridor by the fall of 2015. Stay tuned…..2016 is loaded with unmeasurable possibilities!

MOTOROLA – GUARANTEED QUALITY – We use only MOTOROLA Digital radios on our network.

With double the capacity in digital mode, improved audio clarity, and integrated data applications features, their advanced technology guaranteeS  higher levels of performance and productivity, making them the only choice for our Northern Ontario customers.


Our consulting process will allow us to customize a solution to meet your specific business needs and to create a solution to meet your market requirements.  Only a few easy steps and you will be on your way to managing your fleet and creating your work world, exactly the way you want it to be.

Motorola Solutions - Platinum Channel Partner
ISO9001 Certified System