Step-by-step Overview
Alarm video verification stands as a trusted security solution, widely adopted across retail, car dealerships, and commercial buildings to effectively guard against theft and criminal activities, ensuring enhanced safety and security.

Intruder Detection An alarm is triggered by a sensor, detecting broken glass, open doors, or movement. Alarm Verification Sirix operators instantly receive the alarm alert, activate security cameras, and assess the situation in real-time. Response Protocol Operators confirm the intrusion and execute the client's pre-established security protocols, often resulting in police dispatch. Event Documentation The event is documented, and a detailed report is archived in the client’s Sirix Portal account for easy reference.

What are the benefits of Alarm Video Verification?
Avoid Unnecessary Alerts

Minimizes false alarms, preventing unnecessary disturbances and potential fines by ensuring alarms are only escalated when genuine threats are detected.

Enhanced Protection for Your Business

Confirmed alarms lead to prioritized police response, safeguarding your business from potential theft, damages, and financial loss with swift intervention.

Compliance Assurance

Helps businesses adhere to evolving city regulations requiring alarm video verification, ensuring legality and enhanced security.

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