Point-of-care technology hub

Point-of-care technology hub
  • Centralized task management
  • HL7-compliant data integration
  • Audio communication with labs, front desk, pharmacy, etc.

A voice for patients

A voice for patients
  • Award-winning pillow speaker
  • Specialty buttons for specific patient requests (pain, water, etc.)
  • Ascom SafeConnectTM for easy and secure magnetic connections

Automated staff presence

Automated staff presence
  • At the bedside, in patient rooms and clinical areas
  • Response time
  • Time in room
  • Last known location
Telligence Highlights
Unique patient response system
A true evolution from traditional nurse call. Captures and shares information from multiple sources to help enable faster response times, while empowering the patient to control their own environment.
Patient empowerment
Components such as pillow speakers empower patients and reassure families. Pre-defined requests from the patient’s bed help reduce response times.
Open architecture
Open, standards-based and vendor-agnostic. Works with third-party medical and communication devices and systems. Modular design equals easy scalability.
Documentation support
Streamlined documentation for fast updates to EHR/EMR systems. Helps reduce duplication leaving more time for direct patient care.
Workflow efficiency
Centralized creation, management and tracking of tasks, staff workflow improvements and monitoring help improve patient experiences and supports patient-centered care.
Reporting and analytics
Enable continuous improvements and analytics with pre-installed and customizable reporting forms. Provides the data essential for analytics and continuous improvements.

Download: Telligence Nurse Call Brochure

Download: Telligent Disinfectant User Guide

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