Darren Jason and Geoffrey

From Left to Right – Darren Schankula, Jason Bionda and Geoffrey Hatton

New owners, Darren Schankula, Jason Bionda and Geoffrey Hatton (pictured above) could not be more proud of this recognition. After all, they loved this place so much that two years ago they made sure they could never leave by buying their jobs 😉

The article can be viewed here: Northern Ontario Business Award – 5 Best Places to Work in Northern Ontario

In addition to the article, the owners would like to share the following which outlines why they believe Spectrum Group is
the BEST place to work in Northern Ontario.

Diversified Work
As a technology company, our story is different then most high tech companies who started in the nineties. We were established before many of today’s technologies such as LTE, fibre optic networks and the latest Internet of Things (IoT). While the technology has certainly advanced throughout the years our company has maintained its technical edge and is still as important to our customers today as it was back when we started in 1992. We are now living in a very wireless world and our company was born from the early days of RF technology. Many of us started our careers here and all of us will undoubtedly retire here. That means we have people who understand the fundamentals of working with wireless technology. Our customers have very complicated requests which challenge us every day to develop simple and reliable solutions to complex problems. We believe it is this type of work, work that is always changing, evolving and improving that keeps us interested in what we do. Today we are providing people with services and technology that didn’t even exist six months ago, so in this respect our company provides the excitement of starting a new job but with the same company year after year.

Continuous Improvement
The products and services we provide connect people to what really matters to them. Every industry requires technology to communicate and as a result we have established a very diverse customer base that provides our company with stability and predictability. This provides us with a bit of immunity to the cyclic industries and enables us to succeed in challenging economic times. Having this stability and predictability cultivates growth for our company. We do not stand still, we are continuously growing and improving. Many of the challenges our company has faced over the years has resulted in newly developed and improved processes for our day to day tasks. Our company reflects technological improvements and just like technology improves and advances year over year, so does our company.

We Care
We care about our customers, we care about the quality of our products and our services, we care about each other and we care about our company. From the start our customers are reminded that we can’t fix problems if they don’t tell us about them. Bring us your problems so we can help you, that is what we do, it is because we care about them. We make sure the tier of products we sell are manufactured of the utmost quality, cost is second. We care about the dependability of our products for our customers. We know each others family members by name and together we celebrate weddings, baby showers, retirements and unconditionally support each other during difficult times. We all have work to do but working with people you care about is very rewarding. We all believe this is a great place to work and together we have created a company that is a great place to work. The fundamental reason that Spectrum Telecom is a great place to work is because we have a culture of caring.

Each of us at Spectrum Group takes pride in sharing this award and in making Spectrum Telecom Group Ltd. THE best place to work in Northern Ontario.

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